Alaska Airlines

Alaska Airlines Uniform Reveal

With the announcement of acquiring Virgin America in 2016, work immediately began on Alaska Airlines’ largest brand update in 25 years. Couture designer Luly Yang was tapped to steward this process of creating new uniforms. After years of extensive research, focus groups, and ongoing conversations with Alaska employees it was time to reveal the uniforms to two key groups: the Alaska Airlines fleet and media. The objective was simple, create a reveal event that celebrates Alaska employees. Leading into the event we captured interactions between Luly and Alaska employees that gave us content to tell the employee story as well the ability to focus on and highlight the beauty and functionality of the uniforms. This content created a vast library of assets that would be used for the event and extended employee and consumer excitement through communications initiatives that included social media, internal communications and press kits. Since these interactions were both personal and symbolic to the entire fleet, we decided the best way to debut the new uniforms was with a fashion show at Sea-Tac airport where the 35 employees working with Luly would be the models. Once attendees experienced a dynamic fashion show, they were invited to meet the Alaska uniform ambassadors and discover the uniforms up close. Throughout the hangar, there were four key areas (each representing a key brand value) where attendees could interact with the uniforms. One of these areas was dedicated to attending press to conduct interviews and generate content that had a consistent look and feel that reinforced our marketing objectives to varying external audiences. Connecting these elements, and intentionally shooting them in the highest quality, created a consistent message that attendees could see as on-screen content at the event, touch when interacting with employee models, and re-share via traditional and social media.
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