Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Interaction Effect 2015

The Post Secondary Education team at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is developing new methods to optimize, maximize, and amplify investments made in improving graduation rates among disadvantaged student populations.

The education system lacks a function for sharing successes, so the foundation decided to invest in an initiative to bring attention to the issue.The team was led through an extensive process to define their audiences, goals, and event outcomes, which resulted in the formation of a unique identity that reflected the short and long term intentions of the initiative.

An experience was designed to facilitate attendee’s recognition of the challenges faced by students from across the system as being universal, emphasizing the need to share solutions to solve them. Challenges faced by students were brought to life through a parallel student pathway. One path reflected the experiences a majority of students navigate on the way to graduation, while the other reflected challenges, articulated with real student stories, that results in many students dropping out of school.

The final element was a self assessment exhibit where attendees were asked to assess their progress across a series of interventions and capacities, and share their assessment on a large installation.
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