Worldwide Partner Conference

Fourteen years of celebrating Microsoft's most important audience.

Microsoft partners are an essential part of the company’s success, accounting for more than 90% of the company’s revenue. Bringing together 16,000 people from over 135 nations, WPC is Microsoft’s annual opportunity to connect with their partners face-to-face, to reaffirm their mutual commitments, to engage around Microsoft’s strategic plans, and to learn how the company is contributing to partner successes throughout the year. Hosted in a different U.S. city each year, every WPC highlights the significant advances that Microsoft has made. The conference focuses on exciting new technology and product launches and Microsoft’s strategic plans for the coming year that will impact partners and their businesses. Since 1998, Touch has played a critical role in the production of WPC and has delivered unique and transformative experiences for attendees. Our primary role has focused on creative development and keynote production, and includes everything from executive presentation coaching and content development, to video design, production, and management, to producing on-the-ground live elements for the event. Our work also extends to video production both on-site and in the months leading up to the event, which accounts for much of the key work that we do at WPC. Talent acquisition and management, breakout content strategy and management, digital design and content development, and digital signage content creation and management are also key roles for us. From year to year, our goal is to create astonishing moments that inspire partners, sending them home with newfound excitement and energy for their partnership with Microsoft. Bringing technology decision makers together in one location is a rare and extremely powerful moment for Microsoft. Touch is proud to continue to help create an atmosphere and an experience that inspires the Microsoft Partner Network to move forward with Microsoft.
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