2014 Global Leadership Experience

The 2014 Global Leadership Experience presented a critical opportunity for Starbucks to share their business strategies with leaders in the field, who shape the operations and successes of the thousands of stores the company operates.

A year of planning led to four days of experiences ranging from keynote sessions with senior leaders, guest speakers and entertainment to a series of focused exhibit spaces featuring a range of installations highlighting the Starbucks mission, customer stores, and more. Attendee interaction was amplified via a mobile app that featured proximity beacon-enabled sections of exhibits within the conference and a walking tour of the range of Starbucks retail stores located in the downtown core of Seattle. This historic event for Starbucks began with a massive celebration held on the streets of the historic Pike Place Market in front of the original store.

District managers were encouraged to embrace the concept of “Make it Personal” as a means to help them transform their businesses through commitment, focus, drive and reflecting the spirit of the Starbucks mission in all that they do as they develop their businesses and help their partners succeed.
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