Global Leadership Conference 2012

Helping Starbucks partners become better leaders.

The goal of the 2012 Starbucks Leadership Conference was clear – give Starbucks partners a richer understanding of what it means to lead, and provide them with the tools and skills that they need to do so. The conference, produced by Touch, brought more than 10,000 Starbucks employees (“partners”) from around the world to Houston, TX for five days. The event led partners through intensive sessions focused on brand immersion, planning, learning, networking, socializing, and community service. Touch created over 400,000 square feet of custom exhibition space leveraging an incredible range of digital and analog experiences all reinforcing Starbucks core values, and an exploration of the entire coffee journey, from soil to cup. Keynote sessions featured a range of prominent speakers and Starbucks executives, including CEO, Howard Schultz, and culminated with a performance by 14-time Grammy Award Winner, Alicia Keys. We believe that life and business must integrate seamlessly to create memorable, transformative experiences, and the Starbucks Global Leadership Conference brought partners together from all over the world to connect them to a singular, clear, Starbucks message — galvanizing them around the Starbucks mission and brand. The success of this program has helped partners worldwide discover new aspects of what Starbucks leadership means in their communities, reinforced by the rich and diverse experiences encountered at the 2012 Global Leadership Conference.
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