2016 Stores Fall National Meeting

Through a variety of integrated, personalized, and interactive installations, the 2016 Stores Fall National Meeting provided attendees with powerful, multi-dimensional, interactive environments reflecting Target innovation across multiple channels. The Stores Showcase celebrated the exemplary performance of Target team leaders and their stores and reflected Target as a brand they believe. It highlighted store innovation, achievements in retail, design and the communities they serve. At the heart of the exhibition was a focus on both employee and store recognition, and were featured on two walls that greeted guests as they entered around a massive 20’h x 80’ long wall. The walls stated “Work somewhere you heart” and “Work somewhere you ____” which allowed attendees to choose physical emojis on sticks to fill in the blank and pose for a photo. The design focal piece of the experience was a massive kinetic light installation that was seen from every section of the space. The system comprised of 100 individual bulbs evenly spaced and suspended over the stage, in concentric circles. When team members first entered the space, in the morning, the configuration of lights matched the look of the Target logo. As the day went on the lights subtly transformed the dimensionality and shape of the atmosphere, configuring into various shapes, at different speeds, and with multiple colors. In one area of the experience there was a unique opportunity that allowed attendees to witness the innovations they were seeing for the first time at the meeting, applied to an actual store. Two Virtual Reality stations were set up and provided the viewer with a five-minute self-guided tour of a Target store where many of the new merchandising innovations were already in action.
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