Fall National Stores Well-Being Experience

The Target Fall National Meeting is an opportunity for Target to reveal corporate initiatives for the coming year to its US-based store team leads. Leading into the 2015 meeting, Target recognized that team members would benefit from a shift away from the typical themes of the multi-day event and decided instead to inspire attendees by creating the Fall Nation Stores Well-Being Experience, an exhibition focused on bringing the company’s Team Member well being strategy to life.

Through a variety of integrated, personalized, and interactive installations, the 2015 Fall National Stores Well-Being Experience provided attendees with powerful, multi-dimensional, and holistic environments reflecting Target well-being in action – emphasizing both company-provided well-being programming as well as individual and team focused recognition.

Custom experiences and content for the exhibition space were developed to bring the focus of “Health & Well-Being” to life through five Target well being categories:  Financial, Social, Community, Health and Career.  Within each area experiences explored well-being through the lens of each category with the intention of providing an expansive view of each, and inspiring team members to focus on them in their everyday lives.
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