E3 Conference 2017

Our goal for 2017 was to deliver an engaging and informative event that pushed us beyond historical benchmarks for viewership, while standing above other media briefings held by competitive publishers. Leading into the conference we knew there was built in anticipation from the audience about the titles and announcements they knew were going to happen, but we found a way to kick off the program with something completely unexpected. CEO Yves Guillemot opened the show by introducing a new game partnership, Mario + Rabbids Kindgom Battle, with the help of Nintendo gaming guru Shigeru Miyamoto. The iconic creator of games like Mario and Donkey Kong is rarely seen at these events, so seeing him on stage for this reveal was a huge surprise for the audience. The unexpected continued throughout the program, with the announcement of more new games, including the decade in the making Beyond Good & Evil 2, which brought literal screams from the crowd. To further connect with the audience, we leveraged community voices like developers, social personalities and community leaders to unveil key announcements through the lens of the varying audience interests that were watching. Throughout the stream, we also leveraged game and brand specific call-to-actions to connect fans and media around the globe.  
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