Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Co:Lab – Post Secondary Success Strategy Convening


Building on the work started in 2015 at the Interaction Effect, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation had spent the past few years developing a set of dynamic tools for institutions to use to evaluate themselves and increase the graduation rates of disadvantaged, underrepresented students (a body of work we are also involved in as a creative and strategic partner) and they wanted to share early versions of those tools to gather feedback and field validation.



A group of 100 select attendees from across the higher education system—faculty, consultants, funders, policymakers—were brought together to learn about the work to date and provide input.

Touch helped develop an agenda that provided clarity about the tools and processes as well as the open sharing of opinions, and important networking and collaboration. Plenary sessions and hands-on workshops built on each other to produce rich, valuable conversations and actionable feedback for the foundation. In addition to agenda development and communications strategy,

Touch also developed the name and visual identity platform for the event, which extended to a sculptural representation of the framework supporting the tools, complete with a mobile of diverse student faces, which sparked conversation and delighted attendees while reminding them who this great work is for.

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