Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Interaction Effect – Post Secondary Success Strategy Convening


The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has made major investments in improving equity in, and access to, postsecondary education in the U.S. To ensure their stakeholders from across the country are engaged and inspired, they hosted leaders from across the field to learn and strategize about approaches to improving graduation rates among target student populations, and to inspire them to continue this critical work.



Touch led the foundation’s Postsecondary Success team through extensive strategic work that resulted in the design of a brand identity reflecting the core tenets of this work: evaluating institutional capacity for change and sharing their learnings in order to grow together as a system. With an exhibit that synthesized and visualized existing data, we created an atmosphere that encouraged attendees to consider their own work back on campus and share insights in new, more dynamic ways.

This event set the stage for one of the core aspects of our ongoing work with the foundation’s postsecondary team: bringing a diverse array of leaders and thinkers together to collaborate and share information in new, more effective ways.

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