Six integrated disciplines to help you reach higher.


Successful experiences at Touch begin with a thorough grounding in your brand and business objectives. Digging deeply, listening for insights, and developing thoughtful, creative approaches to guide our work, align your teams, and ensure the relevance, consistency, and impact of everything we do for our clients.


Reaching your audience requires crafting clear, compelling messaging and narratives that leverage and express the unique voice of your brand. Your personality. Your story. Supported by strategic context and creative expressions, we help make the difference between a presentation and a performance, an email and a call to action, a tagline and a true manifesto.


Compelling experiences require the design and activation of dynamic, content and media-rich, environments. We create experiences that foster exploration, inspiration, loyalty, and love. Spaces that provide powerful platforms for content engagement and audience connections that fuel our success and the success of our clients.



Strategy drives design toward innovative, creative concepts, mood boards, sketches, modalities, materials, and sensory experiences – all powered by our ability to make something astonishing where previously there was nothing. And our design work is rooted in inspired brand articulations and precise execution, reaching toward the perfect visual expression.

Video & Motion Graphics

Video and motion graphics bring essential emotional dimension to audience experiences. Video narratives have the power to connect deeply with audiences by building a story, making people laugh, cry, or simply nod their heads in recognition. Video reveals more humanity than any other medium can, and its cousin, motion graphics, can bring a neutral space to life, punctuating it with vivid dynamism and delight. 

Live Events

Live experiences and events provide a truly unique, powerful opportunity to connect. Emotional. Surprising. And deeply meaningful for your audiences. We harness space and time to engage heads and hearts in real time. Providing integrated, relevant experiences, delivered with precision, professionalism, reliability, and trust to drive toward a remarkable vision of success.