Tryer Center – Brand Development and Launch


Starbucks came to us as they began to plan the launch of their new innovation hub, the Tryer Center. They needed to build a brand and a strategic launch plan that would allow Tryer to have a real impact on both corporate culture and the tactical innovation process and make its mark on the innovation community as a whole.



Touch worked closely with a diverse team of Starbucks veterans from across the enterprise, as well as new partners focused on bringing more innovative design thinking approaches to Tryer, to clearly define the goals of the center and how to achieve them.

Building on feedback from a series of in-depth workshops, we designed a new visual identity that reflected the ethos of the center, and we developed a manifesto and tagline that laid the foundation for our communications plan. We developed the visual language and experience design plan, which was implemented across the 20,000 square-foot center with color, signage, and creative ways to both foster connection and showcase progress.

We also developed a suite of videos that concisely convey the Tryer method, articulating the why, what, and how of the center. These were a great launch asset but were intentionally created to additionally serve as evergreen on-boarding tools for Starbucks partners. Over a few months, this project harnessed the full breadth of Touch’s offering and reflects the benefits that engaging us from the start can provide.



ROLE / Strategy, Communications, Experiential, Design, Video & Motion, Live Events