2015 Fall National Stores Well-Being Experience


In the fall of each year, Target brings its store and regional managers together to reconnect with senior executives, to learn about the company’s plans for the future, and to connect with their peers as they receive training on those strategies. In 2015, Target reached out to Touch to help augment the formidable work of their internal creative team in producing this annual employee experience.



Having typically focused on store strategy and design, Target took the 2015 event in a new direction by focusing the experience on powerful, multi-dimensional experiences reflecting Target well-being in action. Touch worked in lock step with Target Creative to design an environment that placed the attendees right at the center of the experience, both physically and thematically.

Attendees were met at the entrance of a 300,000 square foot custom-designed exhibition with a giant installation reflecting the theme of the event, “Be you. Be Target.”, inspiring team members to be themselves, and reminding them that by being true to who they are, they become a positive and powerful reflection of Target.

“Be You. Be Target.” became the core of the experience and helped establish the adjacent installations reflecting Team Member recognition as a fundamental value of the company (and key driver of business success) along with five Target well-being categories: Financial, Social, Community, Health and Career. Each of the five category areas were identified by large-scale gateways, and within each area content and experiences explored well-being by providing an expansive view of each— inspiring team members to focus on them in their everyday lives.

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ROLE / Strategy (event strategy), Communications, Experiential, Design, Video & Motion Graphics, Live Events