2016 Stores Fall National Meeting


Following the success of the Stores Fall National Well-Being Experience in 2015, Target needed to return their fall event to focus on future store design strategy to help their store managers prepare for operational and retail design changes coming their way in the months and years to come. Because of the scale of the entire event, the Target Creative team turned to Touch to help them develop and produce the 300,000 square foot Stores Showcase for the meeting.



Through a range of integrated, personalized, and interactive installations, the 2016 Stores Fall National Meeting provided store managers with powerful, dimensional, interactive exhibits reflecting Target’s channel innovation.

The Stores Showcase celebrated the exemplary performance of Target team leaders and their stores and reflected Target as a brand they believe in. It highlighted store innovation, achievements in retail design, and the communities they serve.

The heart of the exhibition focused on both employee and store recognition, with two enormous walls greeting guests as they entered around a massive 20’h x 80’ long mural wall. The walls stated “Work somewhere you heart” and “Work somewhere you _____ ”. Attendees chose physical emojis on sticks to fill in the blank and pose for a photo.

A massive kinetic light installation — comprised of 100 individual globes evenly spaced and suspended over the stage in concentric circles and visible from every part of the space — was mounted in the center of the showcase. When team members first entered the space in the morning the configuration of lights matched the look of the Target logo and then changed configuration throughout the day.

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ROLE / Strategy, Communications, Experiential, Design, Video & Motion Graphics, Live Events